AVISO: A partir del 21 de julio 2021 habrá hasta 5 días de cuarenta al ingresar a Paraguay.


The diverse natural landscapes of Paraguay offer opportunities for adventure tourism in mountain ranges, streams, and waterfalls. Provided as well by many ranches and farms are customary activities such as horseback excursions, typical dishes, and rodeos, all of which are brought together in countryside environments, but with all of the necessary convenience and comfort to satisfy any visitor.

The Central Region (West)

Crystal Falls(Paraguarí)

Eco-Reserve Mbatoví (Paraguarí)

The South

Trinity Jesuit Missions (Itapúa)
UNESCO World Heritage Site (1993)

Tavarangüé Jesuit Missions (Itapúa)
UNESCO World Heritage Site (1993)

Dunes of San Cosme and Damián (Itapúa)


Monday Falls (Alto Paraná)

Biological Refuge Tati Yupi (Alto Paraná)

The North

Cerro Memby (Concepción)

Laguna Blanca (San Pedro)

Cerro Corá National Park (Amambay)

Gran Chaco

Pantanal (Alto Paraguay)

Fortín Toledo (Boquerón)