National Symbols

AVISO: A partir del 21 de julio 2021 habrá hasta 5 días de cuarenta al ingresar a Paraguay.

National Symbols


The three colors of the current Paraguayan flag have the following meanings:

Red: Justice
White: Peace
Blue: Liberty

Currently, the Paraguayan flag is one of only three national flags in the world (together with the flags from the Maldives and Saudi Arabia) that has two distinct sides: displayed on the front side is the National Emblem of Paraguay with two branches of palm and olive trees surrounding a star; and on the back side, the Emblem of the Paraguayan Treasury with a lion beside a staff topped by a Phrygian cap, all encircled by the motto “Peace and Justice.”

National Tree – Lapacho (“Tajy” in the Guarani language)

Law No. 4.631/2012 “Lapacho (Tajy) is declared as the National Tree”
The Lapacho, or Tajy, is a leafy tree with pink, white, and yellow flowers. The flowering season is from July to September, which is considered the end of winter to the beginning of spring in Paraguay.

National Dish – Chipa

Law No. 5.267/2014 “Chipa is declared as the National Dish”
Chipa, a dough prepared with cassava starch, fresh cheese, milk, eggs, and butter, is a symbol of the hispanic-guarani fusion in Paraguay. It is a national food typically used at traditional breakfasts and snacks.

National Musical Instrument – Paraguayan Harp

Law No. 4.001/2010 “The Paraguayan Harp is declared as the Symbol of National Music Culture”
The Paraguayan harp is another cultural product from the fusion of Spanish and indigenous civilizations. It has 36 strings and weighs between 5 to 8 kilograms, making it lighter than the classical harp.