Diplomatic Relations

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Diplomatic Relations

Diplomatic relations between Paraguay and Japan began on November 17, 1919, with the signing of a bilateral trade agreement between both countries. Three years later, through Decree No. 14886/1922, the first Paraguayan Consulate was created in Tokyo; however, it was not until November 19, 1956, that Paraguay had its first Ambassador assigned to Japan, Mr. Nicolás de Bari Flecha Torres, who served until July 25, 1961.

For a long time, one of the principal themes of the bilateral relationship was the Japanese immigration to Paraguay, which began in 1936 with the establishment of the colony La Colmena in the Department of Paraguarí. Later, other colonies were created, such as the colonies in La Paz, Pirapó, Ygauzú, and Pedro Juan Caballero, in the Departments of Itapúa, Alto Paraná and Amambay. On July 22, 1959, both governments signed the Immigration Agreement with the objective of facilitating Japanese immigration to Paraguay while maintaining reciprocal benefits for both countries.

Currently, the Official Development Assistance (ODA), which Japan offers to Paraguay; the increasing commercial exchange; and the tourism flow between both countries are other important elements of the present bilateral relations.

Former Ambassadors of Paraguay to Japan

1. Eng. Nicolás de Bari FLECHAS TORRES (11/19/1956 – 07/25/1961)
2. Dr. Desiderio Melanio ENCISO (04/04/1972 – 12/17/1976)
3. Dr. Marcos MARTÍNEZ MENDIETA (02/28/1977 – 01/09/1984)
4. Mr. Juan Carlos HRASE VON BARGEN (10/08/1984 – 07/18/1989)
5. Dr. Fernando B. COSTANTINI (01/31/1990 – 01/14/1993)
6. Dr. Federico MANDELBURGER (05/27/1993 – 1997)
7. Mr. Miguel Ángel SOLANO LÓPEZ CASCO (04/28/1997 – 01/27/2004)
8. Mr. Isao TAOKA (09/14/2004 – 09/14/2009)
9. Mr. Naoyuki TOYOTOSHI (12/08/2009 – 11/20/2017)