Consular Fees

Please do not make any bank transfer without asking the Consular Section the exact amount in Japanese yen.

Bank Mitsubishi UFJ (MUFG Bank, Ltd)
Branch Gotanda
Account No. 2260148
Type Saving Account
Beneficiary Embassy of Paraguay
Passport 55 USD
Provisional Passport 30 USD
Visa – Single entry 65 USD
Visa – Multiple entry 100 USD
Visa for nationals of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Russia, Taiwan and United States of America, chick here
Power of Attorney (for each additional principal) 85 USD
Birth Registration 20 USD
Civil Status Statement 20 USD
Travel Permit 30 USD
Driver’s License (OPACI) 35 USD
Certificate of Nationality 30 USD
Certificate of Life and Residence 30 USD
Repatriation Free
Legalization of documents
Legalization of commercial documents:
Commercial Invoice (1 original and until 3 copies ) 15 USD
Bill of landing (BL) 15 USD
Correction letter of Invoice or BL 30 USD
Certificate of Origin (CO) 25 USD
Price List, Packing List  or similar document 12 USD
Legalization of civil documents:
Certificate, diploma or programmes of study  (primary education) Free
Certificate, diploma or programmes of study (secondary education) 25 USD
Certificate, diploma or programmes of study (university education) 35 USD
Authentication of Documents 35 USD