New donation for Paraguayan firefighters

Last February 17, Ambassador Naoyuki Toyotoshi received a new donation from the Japan Firefighters Association consisting of five firefighting vehicles for Paraguay.

This time, the donation will go to the Paraguayan National Association of Volunteer Fire Departments (JNCBPY for its acronym in Spanish) which includes three pumpers, one ambulance and one tanker, the latter valued at US$500.000.    Four of the vehicles are 4×4 traction which increases their value and usefulness, especially in extreme terrains.    The donation also includes 26 spare fire hoses for the trucks.

The vehicles are expected to leave Japan at the end of February, once shipping procedures are finished.

Besides this donation, the Japan Firefighting Association already sent 26 vehicles between 2009 and 2013 to strengthen the emergency response capabilities of Paraguay´s Fire Departments.   All donations were possible thanks to the efforts of the Embassy of Paraguay in Japan